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Windsor Redfin Brut, North Coast, Platinum Series, 750ml

Redfin Brut, North Coast, Platinum Series

The perfect pour for every celebration!

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Shimmering with a stream of tiny bubbles, it opens with lively aromas of citrus, green apple, fresh pear and freshly-baked bread. Creamy and elegant on the palate, it's infused with fresh lemon zest and citrus blossom then deepens into ripe peach, Meyer lemon, yeasty notes and subtle minerality. The lingering finish is lemony, polished and fresh.

Crafted in the labor-intensive Méthode Champenoise, practiced in the Champagne region of France. Following bottle fermentation the wine was aged in the same bottle on the yeast lees for nineteen months, gradually developing the classic creamy texture and brioche-like character.


To bring a note of elegance to an outdoor concert on a warm afternoon, our Sonoma County Brut is a versatile partner for the smoked salmon, caviar, and triple-cream cheeses in your picnic basket. For your next wine and cheese party, no matter which cheeses you choose, this is the wine that will stand up, beautifully, to every one of them.


Our Sonoma County Brut's refreshing acidity and cleansing effervescence is proof that there there's no wine that's more food friendly than sparkling wine.

Seafood: Virtually any seafood, but especially oysters and other shellfish
Spicy food: Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian
Creamy preparations: Creamy bisques and pasta dishes
Egg dishes: Frittatas, omelets, quiche
Poultry and light meats: Chicken, game birds, pork, veal

About the Appellation

Sonoma County

Virtually all great winegrowing regions are situated by water, to moderate climatic extremes. With approximately sixty miles of rugged Pacific coastline and the mighty Russian River winding its way inland, the whole region is blessed with mild, Mediterranean conditions: Warm, sunny days and cool, foggy nights which allow for slow, even maturation, optimal flavor development and ideal sugar to acid balance.

The county accommodates a number of different grape varieties with remarkable success. The regions closest to the coast are home to delicate varieties such as Pinot Noir, which need cool conditions to be their most expressive. Late-maturing varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon thrive in warmer temperatures, further inland.

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